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The Hong Kong police force was known to be corrupt during the 60s. Lui Lok (Aaron Kwok) and Nam Kong (Tony Leung), who used to be two righteous police officers, wanted to change the status quo by building an empire of corruption to control organized crimes. They eventually took the positions of Chief Chinese Detectives, but soon the imbalance between the triad and police causes chaos. Having helped her husband gain his position, Lui Lok’s wife, Tsai Zhen (Du Juan) gets thrown into the disorder and even the most loyal detectives Fat-Bee (Michael Chow) and Yim Hung (Patrick Tam), almost turn their backs to Lui Lok. With the establishment of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption and its mission to hunt down corrupt detectives, the decline of Lui Lok and Nam Kong’s era unveils a new chapter for Hong Kong. Where the wind blows, Hong Kong is no longer what it used to be.


Philip YUNG 翁子光


Philip YUNG 翁子光


Julia CHU 朱嘉懿, Peggy LEE 李錦文, Patrick TONG 唐慶枝, Kingman CHO 曹敬文


Tony LEUNG 梁朝偉, 

Aaron KWOK 郭富城, 

Michael HUI 許冠文, 

Michael CHOW 周文健, 

Elaine JIN 金燕玲, 

Kwan Ho TSE 謝君豪, 

Juan DU 杜鵑, 

Jessie LI 春夏, 

Patrick Yiu Man TAM 譚耀文


Crime, Drama

Country of Origin

Hong Kong



NA Release Date

24 Mar, 2023


144 mins

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