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A dead body and a hotchpotch of homeowners in a residential building on a single night: all hell breaks loose.  As the Jewish axiom has it, “Man thinks; God laughs.”  On a night like any other, Ming, together with his wife and mother-in-law, finds an anonymous naked dead body lying at their doorstep. They might not know the identity of the body, but have no doubt their unit will become a “murder home” once this is exposed, its property value will nosedive, and they will be transformed from blissful homeowners to miserable victims. So they decide to pass the buck to their neighbours.  There are eleven residents in four units on the same floor. Besides Ming’s family of five, there are the retired elderly couple, Mr. & Mrs. Chan; the single lady Mary and her maid; and the Cheungs, an irascible father and his cantankerous son. Last but not least, there is this mysterious woman from an upper floor who chain smokes.  This motley group of residents start fighting against one another, striving to wash their own hands off the dead body. But when the day is about to break and nothing has been resolved, they cannot but work together to transport the body away from their building.  This is a story about a dead body, but also a story about living people.


Cheuk Tin HO 何爵天


Ho Yan KONG 江皓昕


Amy CHIN 錢小蕙


Teresa MO 毛舜筠, 

Ronald CHENG 鄭中基, 

You Nam WONG 黃又南, 

Jennifer YU 余香凝, 

Edan LUI 呂爵安, 

Jer LAU 柳應廷, 

Alan Wai Lun YEUNG 楊偉倫



Country of Origin

Hong Kong


Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles

NA Release Date

19 May, 2023


119 mins

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