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Back Home 七月返歸

Horror/Thriller/Drama • Hong Kong • March 29, 2024 in North Ameria

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Heung Wing (Anson Kong) had long left his home in Hong Kong to escape his traumatic childhood. As a kid, he had become sensitive to paranormal activity and kept seeing ghosts. 
Heung Wing suddenly receives news that his mother (Bai Ling) attempted suicide and is in a coma. He is forced to return home to confront his worst fears. Back home, everything in the neighbourhood looks strange and weird. A series of suicide cases occurs and brings back disturbing childhood memories. As Heung Wing encounters increasingly eerie occurrences beyond his imagination, he starts to lose his grip on reality and enters a new world where the boundaries are blurred …


Nate KI 謝家祺


Nate KI 謝家祺


Mani MAN Pui Hing 文佩卿


Anson KONG 江𤒹生
BAI Ling 白靈
Tai Bo 太保
Helen TAM 譚玉瑛
Wesley WONG 黃梓曜
Sean WONG 黃梓樂


Country of Origin
Hong Kong

Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles 

NA Release Date
March 29, 2024

102 mins

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